For the success of a letterbox marketing campaign it is vital to identify those areas with the greatest potential for each company and each promoted product.

We use databases to divide cities into areas of 500-3000 households. For each of these areas we have the average income in the form of an index varying from 1 (the poorest areas) to 10 (the richest areas).

The area of each sector is bordered by 4 streets (N, E, S, and V). The streets included in each sector are alphabetically ordered and listed and marked on a map of the targeted area.

We have the technical ability to select the right areas for distribution using a weighted average of several parameters such as:
– salary index (the average salary of residents within an area reported to an average salary, scale to 1-10);
– proximity index (the distance to the customer location, scale to 1-10).

Other parameters:
– The distance to a competitors venue;
– The distance to a bus station.

Depending on the particularities of each project different weights can be assigned to these parameters.